This morning, May 06th, 2016, at the Hanoi National Exhibition Center, the opening of the BMW world expo 2016 event took place. This is a big event in the series of celebrating 100 years of BMW brand’s establishment in Vietnam, many famous brands have gathered here.

In the exciting atmosphere of the opening ceremony at 9am today, on the 2nd floor of the BMW exhibition, next to the well-known brands such as VIB, Brigeston

Caoza exhibition booth welcomes visitors with the most luxurious interior space, with the latest collections coming from two famous brands in the world: Soher, alexander.

The exterior of the Caoza booth

The first guests visited Caoza booth


Caoza’s impression at the BMW Expo exhibition 2016

Recently, BMW Expo 2016 event celebrates 100 years of establishment with the gathering of the latest BMW cars and close partners such as VIB, Bridgeston, Caoza, Okia, etc. ended on May 09th, 2016.